2016 Favourites


It’s fair to say that overall there have been a lot of parts of 2016 that haven’t been so great (celebrity deaths, natural disasters, a refugee crisis, Brexit, Trump elected etc), but today I’m going to focus on the positive and share with you all some of my favourite things of 2016.


My favourite album of the year is definitely Wild World by Bastille. I have listened to this album countless times and there are still new things I notice with each listen. My favourite tracks are Warmth, Fake It, The Currents and Good Grief. Just this week I bought the physical album and I can’t wait to listen to it in the car. Other honourable mentions for music are Beyonce’s Lemonade, dodie’s EP Intertwined and Mumford & Sons’ EP Johannesburg.

Live Show/Concert

Whilst this year hasn’t been as good as last for me in terms of concerts I have managed to see Ciaran McMeekan & Avalanche City, Broods, Troye Sivan, Nomad, The Rubens and Shapeshifter. I have also seen local productions of Mamma Mia,  Hairspray and Legally Blonde the Musical and saw Kinky Boots in Melbourne. Kinky Boots is probably the best musical I have ever seen (and I’ve seen a fair few). The music is infectious, the Australian cast were brilliant and the show is the perfect intersection of uplifting music, interesting characters, great dance numbers and an important message. Honourable mentions go to seeing Troye Sivan as he was so charismatic and entertaining on stage and local boys Nomad in their first solo show, I can’t wait to hear more music from them.


In case it wasn’t obvious from my frequent tweets, this year I watched Gilmore Girls for the first time. So much to love and so many laughs. At the end of 2015 I started watching Jane the Virgin and I would highly recommend it also.


My favourite film of the year has definitely been Sing Street. I love any film about music or featuring lots of great music, add in great 80s costumes and Irish accents and it was hard not to love Sing Street. The young cast were extremely talented and it was such a feel good film I couldn’t help but leave the cinema feeling upbeat and positive.


Hannah Witton is my all time favourite Youtuber and her 2016 videos did not disappoint. I am particularly enjoying her Hormone Diaries series at the moment. New favourites this year have been Sanne (Books and Quills) and Rosianna Halse Rojas. Whilst I’m not much of a reader Sanne makes me want to read every book she talks about but I also enjoy her travel and advice videos and she is major hair inspiration. Rosianna discusses such a variety of topics in such an interesting and intellectual way. Her Vlogmas series was the only one I watched religiously this year and I really appreciate her open discussions about mental health.


2016 was the year I really got into podcasts. I recommended 5 earlier in the year and they are still some of my favourites but my number 1 is (surprise) Hannah Witton’s Fubar Radio Show. If it wasn’t already clear, I love anything Hannah does and her radio show is absolutely hilarious and she has had some great guests. Time zone difficulties mean I have only listened live once but it is so easy to catch up afterwards as the show is posted as a podcast on iTunes.


Can a whole month be my favourite? Because it is. November was a stellar month in which I turned 21 and made the celebrations last a whole month by eating out a whole heap, going to Melbourne, seeing pandas for the first time in Adelaide, having a great party with family and friends and seeing Legally Blonde with my sister. I had also finished my degree in October so that deserved celebrating too!



Food has been a challenge this year, having to adapt to a low fodmap diet but I have continued to enjoy brunch as always. My favourite new Christchurch cafes are Park Ranger and Kadett, with Black Betty and Hello Sunday as forever favourites. My favourite cook at home recipe has been Deliciously Ella’s Tumeric Curry, especially during the winter.


Since deciding to go cruelty free last year I have been discovering a heap of new awesome brands. My favourites are Colourpop, Natio, Elf and Australis. But my overall favourite beauty product of 2016 is definitely my Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park, it’s my go-to lip colour and I always get asked about it. Staple favourite of 2016 goes to Natio’s BB Cream in Fair, perfect for everyday light coverage. I have also discovered the Essano skincare range which is perfect for my sensitive skin and super affordable.


My number one fashion favourite this year has been my fake leather biker jacket from Missguided. I have pretty much lived in it across all seasons and a variety of outfits. Other general favourites have been sassy slogan t-shirts and the sparkly shoes I bought for my 21st and graduation from Gorman.


I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit this year; Auckland three times with Canteen, Wellington twice, Dunedin, Melbourne, Adelaide and  the Coromandel for family Christmas. My favourite place was absolutely Melbourne. It was so great to revisit a city I loved as a child and enjoy all the food and culture Melbourne has to offer. I will soon get around to a proper blog post on my trip.



Whilst I’ve only had it for a small part of the year, my new camera is definitely one of my favourite things of 2016. I got the Canon EOS 750D for my 21st birthday. It is an entry level DSLR but I am super impressed with the quality and am loving learning more about photography.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my favourite things of 2016, I’d love to hear yours in the comments below. Happy New Year!

  • Sophie ♥

    Great post! I have to ask, where is your Rory pin from? I love it.

  • I’ve never been to Melbourne but hopefully going this year! Can’t wait for the post about it. I love Rosianna Halse Rojas too, she’s so intelligent and honest x

    • Loz

      Melbourne is the best, I’m sure you’ll love it!