5 Podcast Recommendations

Today I hosted the weekly #NZBloggers chat on twitter. We talked about podcasts and I received a whole lot of new podcast recommendations, I thought I would share my own!

Dear Hank and John


Dear Hank and John is a comedy podcast about death from Hank and John Green of the Vlogbrothers (and many other internet projects) where they give ‘dubious advice’ to listener’s questions and bring you the weekly news from AFC Wimbledon and Mars. I have watched the Vlogbrothers on YouTube for four years now and it was this podcast that got me into podcasts. I love anything the Vlogbrothers do and really enjoy the balance between funny and serious answers given about all sorts of questions. I also really like the inside jokes that have become a regular part of the podcast.

Ladies Who Lunch


YouTubers Ingrid Nilsen and Cat Valdez (Catrific) started Ladies Who Lunch a few months ago and I have loved every episode. They talk about topics such as feminism, online dating, crushes and sexuality. I love how they integrate their personal experiences with research and discussion, and I often find I can relate to what one or both of them is saying.

Black Girls Talking


One of the things I like most about podcasts is being able to hear about something from a perspective that is totally different to my own. Black Girls Talking is exactly what is sounds like, a group of African American women talking about different topics. I particularly enjoyed the episode they did talking about Beyonce’s Lemonade.

Call Your Girlfriend


Call Your Girlfriend is a podcast “for long distance besties everywhere”. I can really relate to this as some of my besties live in different cities and even different countries. Aminatou and Ann are entertaining and easy to listen to, they provide insight on a number of topics including periods, internet FOMO, and pop culture.

Bad Fat Broads


KC and Ariel provide a body positive insight into the politics, culture, fashion and life as a fat woman. I often end up feeling angry about many things in society on their behalves after listening to the podcast. But as with Black Girls Talking I think it’s incredibly important to acknowledge your privilege and consider things from other people’s perspectives.

I’d love to hear any podcast recommendations you have for me!