7 Perks of Flatting

I have been back living at home for pretty much a month now (time flies, right?!), so the differences of living at home and flatting have certainly made themselves apparent. There are certainly pros and cons to both sides. I loved certain aspects of flatting and I’m loving certain aspects of living at home. Today I’ll share 7 perks of flatting and on Friday follow up with 7 perks of living at home.

Quick backstory for those who might be new; I spent the first half of this year flatting with four lovely girls in Kelburn, Wellington (hello if you’re reading) but decided to move back home (Christchurch) to be with my family.

On to the perks….

1. No parents telling you to tidy your room

I’m certainly not the best at keeping my room tidy so it was nice to have the freedom not to have to worry about being told off for having a messy room!

2. Coming home at 3am isn’t so hard

It’s a lot easier to sneak in after a night out when you’re accompanied by your flatmates. My parent’s room is right by our front door so it’s hard to be quiet when coming home in the early hours. It’s also always good to have someone to split a taxi with!

St Patrick's Day with the flatties

St Patrick’s Day with the flatties

3. Fashion/Make up advice from flat mates

Living in a house full of girls was certainly handy when it came to fashion and make up choices. A couple of my flatmates were really in to make up and taught me a lot and let me borrow their stuff. It’s also always nice to be able to borrow clothes when you’re a bit bored of your own wardrobe. It was also great to always have someone to check that you looked ok with before leaving the house. And to have someone there to help you when you decide to go out at the last minute…

4. Eating chocolate and timtams at all hours is supported

Perhaps not the best habit but definitely a perk. Whenever a late night chocolate craving struck the odds were that I could always easily convince one of my flatmates to walk up to the shops with me. Or even better they would already have some to share!

5. Living close to the university

This is one that’s a bit more  specific to my own situation but when I was living in my flat, I was only a five minute walk away from uni. This meant I could leave about 15 minutes before my classes started and go home if I had long breaks in my day. Now I’m at home I have to catch the bus an hour before my classes as it takes about half an hour and there’s no point coming home during a long break.

6. Independence

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family but living away from home gives you a lot more independence. You get to make a lot of decisions for yourself; what to eat, when to go to bed and what you do with yourself without the criticism of a parent hovering over. Also no one needs to know where you’re going, who your with and when you’ll be home (sorry Mum).

Successfully preparing a meal with only a microwave because the oven was not working

Successfully preparing a meal with only a microwave because the oven was not working

7. You can pretend to be an adult

Being an adult isn’t actually all that great. You have to pay bills and be responsible. But it’s always fun to pretend to be a grown up. Also alcohol.

I’d love to hear your favourite things about flatting in the comments below.



  • Agreed! Especially to #4 😉 I usually move home each summer, so the differences are really obvious! I like the pretending to be an adult fact too haha. That is the truth! 100%. I like to pretend to be an adult every now and then…I just wish my bank account could get to that “grown up, adult” level hahaha.

    • Loz

      A ‘grown up adult’ bank balance would be so nice!

  • I tend to think of flatting in comparison to what I do now – which is still renting (sadly!) but living as a family unit and renting the whole house for ourselves. What I remember with rose-tinted glasses about flatting is how you could pay far less (because you were technically only renting the ‘room’) but getting to live somewhere really nice because all your flatmate’s individual rents added up!

  • I totally agree with number 6 and 7. Dorming for me was the best thing ever and it was a nice break from my overprotective parents! But I do have the say is that the best part of living at home is your bank account doesn’t suffer since you don’t have to spend as much!
    Cielo! The Restoring Life Project 2015

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  • I’m still living at home, but I’ve flatted before (on exchange) and been a tenant before (working full time over summer at a location too far for daily commute) and i miss these perks so so much :'(