It’s now been over two months since I moved to Perth! It’s gone so fast but I’m starting to feel a lot more settled and have also had a chance to get to know the city a bit better. Everybody loves a good list post so today I thought I’d share 5 things that I have learnt whilst living in Perth. 1. You get used to hot weather. The first week I was here the… View Post

I’ve got a few Christchurch’s Best Brunches posts to catch up on but I was thinking, why not take it international?! I love brunch and I like to try to find the best brunches in all the places I visit. As I’m now living in Perth I’ll be sharing some of my new found faves. First up is Bottega in Fremantle. Nestled on the corner of Market Street and High Street, Bottega is a cafe offering coffees,… View Post

In case you missed it, I’ve started a new series recommending my favourite brunch spots in Christchurch. Today I want to share with you Little Pom’s. Little Pom’s is a self proclaimed ‘cosy neighbourhood cafe’ on Kilmore Street offering breakfast, lunch and brunch. Their menu is interesting and puts a new spin on many brunch classics such as eggs benedict, hotcakes and porridge, as well as interesting dishes including hot smoked salmon and beef brisket.… View Post