Best Bits: July

Best Bits is my opportunity to share with you all the things I have been loving and the highlights of my month.

July has been a busy month and it has certainly flown by! I have; moved out of my flat, spent ten days in Sydney/Wollongong, moved back home, started a new university and a new job and managed to see my all time favourite band twice in concert. Here are the Best Bits of my crazy month.

Best Blog Post Read:

I’ve been reading a lot of travel blogs this month as Sydney really reminded me how much I really want to get out and explore the world. Two posts I found particularly helpful were Wayfarer Kate‘s ‘How To Not Look Like a Backpacker‘ and Where Is Tara?‘s ‘Tips for Staying Fresh Whilst Travelling’.

Best Blog Post Written:

I’m really happy that I finally finished writing about my trip to Cambodia. This month I wrote the final post about Siem Reap and the Angkor Wat temples and wrapped the whole thing up with highs and lows.

Best Day:

This is a tricky one as almost every day I had in Sydney was amazing. It is probably a very close tie between the two times I saw Yellowcard. The first time (in Sydney) was so surreal and I was so emotional and I absolutely fell in love with Sean Mackin the violinist. The second time (home in Christchurch) was so different but also amazing, I was in the second row right in front of Sean. More on that to come soon!




Best Meal:

All the food I ate in Sydney was amazing but I am loving being back home to Mum’s home cooking. Just this week we had smoked salmon pasta with lemon and capers, yum!

Best New Find:

I discovered so many new places and products whilst in Sydney but my favourites so far would have to be the Australis Brow Kit and Rimmel London Stay Matte Primer – both of which I got on sale at Priceline!

Best Photo:

I’m really happy with a lot of the photos I took in Sydney (and you’ll see more of them this week) but my favourite at the moment is this portrait of my friend Kathii with her hot chocolate at Max Brenner. I’ve wanted to try some portrait photography for a while so I enjoyed taking this.


Best Song:

Believe – Yellowcard, live in concert.

Best Thing Watched:

Les Miserables at Capitol Theatre in Sydney, absolutely phenomenal beyond words.

Best New Addiction:

Pinterest….I was against joining Pinterest for such a long time but as soon as I did I was addicted. It’s so great for fashion, craft, food, travel and blogging inspiration, and also being able to save all my links in one place. You can follow me

It’s been a great month, let’s hope August holds the same!



  • Awwww so glad you found my blog post helpful. I LOVE Yellowcard. So jealous you saw them TWICE !! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Xx

    • Loz

      Timing worked out perfect! The last time they came to NZ was 11 years ago, so it was very much long awaited. Have a great weekend too! ?

  • Love this post, Loz! I’m incredibly jealous you got to see Yellowcard live (twice even)! And that salmon pasta dish with lemon and capers sounds divine xx

    • Loz

      So many Yellowcard fans coming out of the woodwork! Glad you enjoyed it ?

  • Oh my gosh, Yellowcard! I loved them as a teenager. And Les Mis? ZOMG so jealous – my favourite show ever. Sounds like July was a pretty rad month for you!

    • Loz

      It definitely was!