Cafe Review: C1 Espresso

I love food and I love trying new places to eat and drink. So why not combine this with my love of writing and do reviews!

The first place I have chosen to review is C1 Espresso, a trendy cafe in central Christchurch. After the 2011 earthquake C1 was forced to relocate and now resides in the old Post Office building on the corner of Tuam and High Streets.


During 2014 C1 installed a network of pneumatic tubes, running from the kitchen, around the ceiling of  the cafe and down to a number of tables. Their pneumatic menu includes a range of sliders and curly fries. The reason I went was because my sister hadn’t seen the tubes in action and I love curly fries.


The tubes of sliders and fries are shot at 140km/hr to your table. We did see a few getting stuck though!



The tubes drop down at different points around the cafe and a bell dings.


Unfortunately I missed seeing our fries whiz around the ceiling, but it’s fun knowing they did all the same. The awkward part was when my sister and I couldn’t get the tubes open… We had to get a waitress to help us. The fries weren’t as good as the last time I’d had them, they were over seasoned and the flavour was very strong.


To drink I had Raspberry and Vanilla Rooisbos tea. The tea itself was in a cute matchbox (below) and comes with two serves – ‘for now’ and ‘for later’. You brewed the tea yourself and I got three cups out of my ‘for now’ serve. Whilst it was close to $5, which seems a lot for tea, I will get about 5 cups all up which is pretty good value.


C1 stock over 40 tea variants, which (as someone who doesn’t drink coffee and isn’t eating sugar) gave me a lot of choice! The tea is the brand Golden Panther Tea Company (owned by Sam Crofskey, owner of C1) with ingredients sourced from Samoa and supported by NGO Women in Business Development. Not only was it delicious but it’s fantastic to support our neighbours in developing nations and local businesses.

My favourite thing about C1 (besides the pneumatic tubes) is the decor, and the clever recycling of items such as a sewing machine water dispenser and an automatic sliding door that is a bookcase.



Food: 3/5

The fries were good, but a little over-seasoned. The last time I had them they were better.

Drinks: 5/5

Their selection of tea is awesome and tasty, I like that you get a serve to take home for later. My sister’s iced chocolate looked great too.

Atmosphere: 4.5/5

There’s nothing about the decor and atmosphere I don’t like. It’s hard to fault food that gets shot to your table.

Service: 3.5/5

Nothing bad about  the service, but nothing to rave about either.

Value: 3/5

$8.50 for a tube of curly fries is a bit expensive but tea was generous serve.

Total: 3.8/5

I hope you have enjoyed my first attempt at a cafe review, feedback is welcomed as always. Hopefully more coming soon (if my student budget allows for it)

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  • I wondered about the tubes when they announced it a while back. I’m still not convinced it’s a bit of a silly gimmick.

  • Girl! I am a fellow cantabrian, UC student and blogger! So excited to find your blog and your love of C1!

    • Loz

      Aargh so exciting! I’m actually transferring to UC and tomorrow is my first day. Got to love finding those #nzbloggers connections