Christmas & Boxing Day Lush Haul

Happy New Year everyone! In 2015 I made the decision to only buy cruelty free cosmetics, it’s been interesting to try a whole lot of new brands and products. All my friends and family have now been bombarded by my love of Lush. For Christmas I was gifted some Lush products and I also went a little crazy online during the Boxing Day sale, everything I got was half price! So here’s my little Lush Haul and First Impressions.

Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly


This was a gift from my #nzsecretsanta on twitter, clearly this lovely mystery person got the hint that I was a Lush fan! I like the Christmassy scent of red wine and apple juice and will always be a sucker for sparkly stars, but I find the jelly texture quite difficult to use as I always end up dropping blobs of jelly on the shower floor.

Twilight Bath Bomb


My sister got me the Twilight Bath Bomb, the only product in this haul I’d previously tried. I love using this bath bomb when I’m feeling under the weather or in need of a good sleep. The lavender scent is very relaxing and definitely helps me fall asleep.

No Drought Dry Shampoo


This and the remainder of the haul were part of my Boxing Day sale purchases, all half price! I’ve never tried a dry shampoo as they all seemed a bit expensive for just wanting to try it, and this is the first cruelty-free dry shampoo I’ve seen. The No Drought dry shampoo has a refreshing citrus scent, appears to absorb the oil in my roots and doesn’t leave your hair looking grey if you brush it out. It would be perfect for after the gym or camping trips!

Veganese Conditioner


The scent of this is a little off putting, very earthy and natural, but I like the conditioner so far. It left my hair feeling fresh and light. It also encouraged my natural curl which is great.

Fresh Farmacy Cleanser


I was trying to be quick when making my order as I had to go to work, that I didn’t even realise this was a solid cleanser. I had to look up how to use it… The scent is pleasant and my skin felt a little dry after using but fine after moisturising. This cleanser is supposed to be good for spotty skin so only time will tell. My main concern is where to store the cleansing bar that it won’t disintegrate when it’s not being used.

Silky Underwear Dusting Powder


This was the total impulse purchase of the bunch. I’d never heard of a dusting powder, but a quick google informed me that you can use it in many ways to make things smell nice (shoes, skin, underwear etc). I was sold on the fact that it helps with inner thigh chafing (aka chub rub), which is killer in summer. The jasmine scent is a lot more sophisticated than the sweet things I usually choose and I’m looking forward to using it a it more. After using the dusting powder my skin was incredibly soft, and remained so even after showering.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel


It’s pink, sparkly and smells of candy, how could I resist?! The shower gel doesn’t lather up as much as I would like but that could just be because I used quite a small amount in order to make it last longer!

Decisive Lipstick

Decisive is a deep, blue-based red liquid lipstick. I found it goes on really smoothly and is super pigmented, to the point where it’s quite easy to make a mess! You definitely have to be careful when applying it, I think I’ll try using a lip brush next time.

I’m really happy with all my Lush purchases! I also liked that the products were well packaged and I got a bonus sample of Sandstone soap, perfect for getting brightly coloured make up off my hands!

I hope you enjoyed this haul, I’d love to hear if you got anything in the Lush Boxing Day sale!

  • These all look awesome! I’m especially interested in that cleanser, it looks really nice (although a bit fiddly). I must remember the Boxing day sales for next year!

    • I’m excited to use it a bit more and see if it helps my spots! As far as I know Boxing Day is the only time Lush has a sale and the stores go mental, I was very lucky to be up and online before 7am haha

  • I’ve always wanted to try the Shower Jellies but I’m scared that I’ll drop it and it all go down the drain… how have you found using them in the shower? Do they dissolve quickly?

    – Louise x

    • I actually find them quite difficult to dissolve! I tend to mush pieces up in a face cloth. When bits do drop, they’re generally pretty easy to pick up again 🙂

      • That’s a relief! I use a poofer thing and find when shower gels are too watery they just go right through it. My flatmate had one in our shower and sometimes I’d get the container and just jiggle it about and watch it move hahaha

  • Wow, I had no idea the twilight bath bombs were in the sale (darnit) Awesome haul hun x

    • Thank you! As far as I know they weren’t in the sale, I got them from my sister for Christmas.

  • Lush has some super cute products!! Sadly i have super sensitive skin and some of Lush’s products cause some irritation at times 🙁 But my mummy, sister and I all adore lush! and more so since its cruelty free!
    Body Shop works better for me. ‘Cause it somehow irritates me less. Lovely post btw! 🙂

    x Carina / Running White Horses – Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle

  • This is a good haul! I bought a little snow fairy last year but I wish I had got a big one!