DIY Constellation Succulent Garden

This year when it comes to gift giving I’m trying to make more conscious purchases: buying local, supporting independent/ethical businesses and making gifts myself. I recently made this constellation themed succulent garden for a friend’s birthday and thought it would be the perfect thing to share with Christmas and other holidays not too far away!

Succulents are great as they don’t need a lot of water or care and can survive inside or outside if you live in a warm area. This is a great DIY project as it’s quick, easy, and affordable and the perfect gift for those interested in astrology.

You Will Need:

  • A pot, whatever shape or size you like. For this particular project a plastic pot works well to decorate.
  • A metallic permanent marker (Sharpie or similar).
  • Potting mix.
  • A hand trowel.
  • Secateurs (also known as pruning shears).
  • A selection of succulents or cacti.

How To:

1. The first step is to prepare the pot. Make sure it’s clean inside and out and ready to use. My pot cost only $7 from Bunnings, but you could reuse an old pot.


2. Next, it’s a good idea to do a practice sketch of what you are going to draw onto the pot. I did the constellations Scorpio and Gemini. I chose these two as my friend and I are both Scorpios and we often refer to ourselves as twins. I did very basic dot and line versions of the constellations, but if you’re a bit more artistically inclined you may want to try little stars.


3. If the succulent garden is a gift, it’s a nice idea to write a small message on the bottom. It’s easiest to do this before you start.


4. Now, sketch the design in pencil onto your pot, this way it can easily be erased if needed. I sketched the general shape of the constellation for size before placing the stars.


5. Next I did the stars and joined them up using the metallic marker. You could also use paint, but a pen is quicker and will not need drying time. The Sharpie I used did need to be pressed quite firmly and gone over a couple of times to get the full metallic effect.



6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with your other constellation/s. Rather than one large pot, you could do a set of three smaller ones, a different constellation on each.

7-gemini-constellation7. Get your outdoor supplies ready! This potting mix is just from The Warehouse and I’m lucky to have a gardening mother who has a hand trowel and secateurs. My succulents also conveniently came out of our garden but they can be purchased from Bunnings, The Warehouse, Mitre 10 Mega or other garden stores. Trim the ends of the succulents on an angle before you pot them.



8. Fill the pot with potting mix, leaving a centimetre or two at the top free.


9. Arrange the succulents in your pot, making sure the roots are well submerged in the soil. As you can see I chose a range of sizes and colours to have a bit of variation in the succulent garden.


10. Voila! Finished product. I arranged my succulents to ensure they look good from all sides, so my friend can choose which constellation she displays or has the option of plain white.

This is the first DIY post I’ve done, so I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments!



  • This is such a cute gift! I love succulents because I’m a total plant killer but seem to be able to keep these alive.

    • I totally agree. We had loads in the garden and I’ve loved them for years and now they’re ‘trendy’ and it makes me laugh a little. But so easy to care for!

  • Emma

    Love your attitude to gift buying for the year. This is an awesome gift, I love succulents since not only are they low-maintenance (a necessity for me), they look cool!

    • Thanks Emma! I love the variation in colours and shapes they come in too, makes it interesting.

  • This is so cute! I am not a gardener but I’m going to optimistically pin this on my pinterest.