Junk Free June: Week One

Week One of Junk Free June is done! It’s certainly not been the easiest week, sugar cravings are real. But overall it’s been pretty good. If you missed what Junk Free June is and why I’m doing it, check out last week’s post.

The hardest part of the week was resisting the chocolate and lollies in the break room at work and at the dance party I went to on Saturday night.

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is the necessity to be prepared. This is not new to me as when eating a Low Fodmap diet it’s almost impossible to eat prepackaged or convenience food, but I had been a bit slack before June began. So making sure I take sugar free snacks with me is essential to get through the day.

I’ve also discovered a new treat, The Collective make an unsweetened coconut pouring yoghurt with kefir, good live cultures for tummies.Whilst my tummy doesn’t like too much dairy, this is great in small amounts.

I have had a few more donations from lovely people which have enabled me to unlock some prizes including a two week pass for Les Mills! I have been too busy with uni until today but I plan on going to a class at Les Mills for the first time on Friday. I’ll keep you posted about how it goes!

Another happy secondary bonus to raising money for a brilliant cause is that I have actually lost a little bit of weight, here’s hoping that continues over the month….

I’m close to $100 on my fundraising page, and would appreciate any donations, a little collectively goes a long way.

1 week down, 3 to go!