Junk Free June: Weeks Two & Three

Three weeks down, one to go!

I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy. In fact, I’ve been a little slack and had a few slip ups.

The first week wasn’t too tricky, but after that I became a little complacent and found myself leaving the house unprepared. I also found myself having an unexpected two weeks: one of working full time, and the other with a cold. The week that I worked 45 hours I often ended up getting snacks from the supermarket, which more than once ended up being sweet and salty kettlecorn.

I decided to ease up on myself about ‘no refined sugar’ as it was incredibly hard to go cold turkey after a sugar-filled few months. But I had a couple of total caves when I was tempted by the treats at work and may have had a handful of m’n’ms and a tim tam….whoops!

I also disappointed myself by buying hot chips from the fish and chips shop. I had planned on buying dinner at a salsa night, not realising I wasn’t going to be able to eat anything on the menu. So in a desperate, starved effort I stopped for chips on the way home.

My punishment to myself is that I will be making a $10 donation for every slip up, currently at $40 eeek. If you would like to make a donation to my fundraising campaign for the Cancer Society I would really appreciate it!

I also started my Les Mills 2 week free trial and went to a CX Works class. The class focused on exercises for your abs, butt, and thighs, and was incredibly hard work! I had trouble walking for the next few days. I also went and did my own workout in their women’s only gym. I really enjoyed this as I sometimes find it intimidating if I think I’m being watched, and the women’s space was a lot quieter than the main gym. This also meant I didn’t have to wait to use any equipment which was awesome.

I would have liked to try more of the classes on offer at Les Mills, but unfortunately I ended up working a heap more than expected last week, and this week I’ve been unwell and unable to go to the gym.

One more week to go and I’m going to do my best to not have any more slip ups, wish me luck!