Junk Free June

In 2014 I got the phone call I never expected, hearing that my mum had been diagnosed with acute promyelocytic leukaemia and would be starting chemotherapy the next day. I was upset and confused and instantly scared that I might lose her. We were very lucky that her course of treatment all went brilliantly, and I am incredibly thankful that she has been in remission for 18 months now.

I’ve tried a number of times to write about mum’s cancer and how it affected my life, but it’s incredibly hard to articulate in words. Growing up, cancer was one of those things I knew existed, but in my mind it was something that happened in movies and to other people, not to my mum.
Since my mum’s leukaemia, through Canteen I’ve met so many inspiring young people who have had cancer or experienced cancer in their close family. It’s given me the opportunity to be able to talk to other people my age about what happened, and know that I won’t be judged in any way.

As a result of all of this Canteen, the Cancer Society and the Leukaemia and Blood Cancer NZ have all become causes very close to my heart. And that’s why this month I am participating in Junk Free June.

Junk Free June is a fundraiser for the Cancer Society where individuals and group give up junk food for the month of June and receive sponsorship. ‘Junk’ is whatever you personally define it to be, for me this means giving up refined sugars and fast food takeaways like pizza or fish and chips. This means a sweet goodbye to my two true loves in life, chocolate and hot chips.

I am inspired to do this not only by my amazing mum but by the incredible people I have met through Canteen. Many have gone through weeks and months of painful treatment, the least I can do is eat healthy for a month!

I would massively appreciate if you could make a donation to my fundraising page, you even go in the draw to win prizes!

I will be regularly updating my Junk Free June journey on my blog Facebook page, and hopefully putting up a few blog posts too!