Lena Talks Beauty: My Top 5 Beauty Products

top 5 beauty products

As I’m currently on a family holiday in Rarotonga, there will be a number of guest posts on my blogs from some of my blogging friends from New Zealand and abroad. Today’s post is by Lena, from Lena Talks Beauty.

Hi! I’m Lena, and I write about everything beauty related on www.lenatalksbeauty.com

I love makeup, nail polish, skincare, hair – all of that sort of thing! Today I’ll be sharing with you my 5 favourite beauty products.


1. Trilogy Rosehip Oil

This nourishes my skin so well! No makeup looks good on a dry and flaky base, so good skincare is essential to me. I use it alone or paired with a night cream. I’ve been through so many bottles of this Rosehip oil over the years and continue to keep buying it.
rosehip oil, lush lemon flutter

2. NARS Albatross highlighter

I originally went to Mecca Maxima to buy The Balm Mary Lou-manizer, but the salesperson recommended this to me, and I am so glad that I bought it. It’s very finely milled, and gives a nice subtle glow to my cheekbones.
mac syrup, nars albatross

3. Lush Lemony Flutter

Moisturising my cuticles not only keeps them looking nice, but also helps to ensure that my nails grow out nice and strong. You only need a little bit of this but it makes my hands feel so nice, and it smells delicious too.

NARS albatross, essie watermelon, lush lemony flutter, mac syrup, trilogy rosehip oil

4. Essie Watermelon nail polish

Essie polishes are great quality, and I love the bright and cheerful colour of Watermelon.
essie watermelon

5. MAC Syrup lipstick

MAC lipsticks are just divine. They’re not cheap ($40 in NZ!) but they are so beautiful. Syrup is creamy and smooth, and the colour looks so natural and pretty on me. I’ve had this for a couple of years and it’s running low, but I already have a back up.

I use all of these products very regularly, and I can’t imagine life without them. Over dramatic? Maybe, but I stand by my statement. I definitely recommend buying all of them, although maybe not at once unless you want your bank account to hate you! Thanks Lauren for the opportunity to do this guest post.

Lena x

  • Sam

    I have a Mac lipstick addiction these days. No idea they were so expensive there!

    • MAC here is sooo expensive. Buying via the US and having it shipped over used to be a lot cheaper but with the exchange rate it doesn’t really make it worth it any more. Thanks for reading 🙂

      • Em

        It is if you buy 5-6 at once 😉