Lush Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask Review

Since deciding to only buy cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare, I’ve been dying to try some skincare products from Lush. So I thought I’d share my thoughts on their Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask. I first purchased this product earlier in the year but I have since repurchased Cosmetic Warrior so I can share my first impressions and full review.

A number of months ago I was feeling a bit flat and in need of a pick-me-up so I thought I’d head to Lush to grab a bath bomb as a treat.

When I got there I realised it was actually my skin that was in need of help more than anything. So I decided to try one of their fresh, handmade face masks.

One of the lovely staff members helped me choose (as I had absolutely no idea what to go for). I was after a product to tackle my exam-stress induced breakouts as well as giving my skin a bit of a lift as it was looking a little dull.

She suggested the two best options as Cupcake and Cosmetic Warrior and outlined the ingredients and purpose of each. Cupcake has cocoa powder and butter in it and smells absolutely chocolate-y and divine whereas Cosmetic Warrior smells faintly of garlic and looks a bit like hummus.


The lovely girl allowed me to test the two options on my hands whilst I had a look (and smell!) around the store. After about five minutes she washed them off. I knew pretty quickly that Cosmetic Warrior was the right option for me; the skin on that hand was so smooth and soft and I actually had a mild reaction to Cupcake.

I didn’t even realise it beforehand but a pottle of the mask can be used about four times, which at $16.50 works out to be only about $4 per usage – pretty good value if you ask me!


The next night I put on the mask and left it for about fifteen minutes before washing off. Whilst the girl at Lush told me a lot of people are put off by the smell of Cosmetic Warrior, it didn’t particularly bother me. The clay does dry a little during this time, but it’s not uncomfortable.


After removing the mask my skin felt quite dry but then softened up within the next half an hour or so.

Cosmetic Warrior contains antiseptic garlic and honey, tea tree oil to target break outs, deep-cleansing kaolin clay and moisturising egg whites. I was told at Lush that the first time you use Cosmetic Warrior it will pull forward all the toxins in your skin and actually make you break out, but if you use the mask again a few days later then you’re good to go.


I have now used this mask a number of times and my skin always feels so clean and refreshed afterwards. I have also seen an improvement in my breakouts. I would definitely recommend Cosmetic Warrior to anyone with problem skin, don’t get put off by the smell! I’m now totally keen to try more Lush skincare products, any recommendations in the comments would be appreciated!


  • Kate Taylor

    I’m a big LUSH fan but I’m yet to try their face masks…MUST do!

    • Definitely recommend! It’s the perfect way to fit in some me time at this busy time of year.

  • Katie Hitchcock

    I just started using lush products. Right now I’m using ultrabland as a cleanser/moisturizer and eau roma as my toner. My skin has been amazing since! I’ll have to check out this mask.

    • I think a LUSH cleanser is next on my list! Because my skin seems to react to a lot of things and scented products bother my hayfever, I rarely use a cleanser at all which is terrible.

  • Emma

    Looks like a great mask, I need to try more of the Lush ones. I hadn’t really thought about what decent value they were before, so thanks for pointing that out!