Melbourne Travel Diary

In November I went to Melbourne for a week as a celebration of finishing uni and turning 21. My friends Lauren and Jess joined me for a long weekend and then I had a few more days by myself, visiting family friends and a day trip to Adelaide. I absolutely loved it, exploring a place I hadn’t visited for ten years, shopping up a storm and eating so much delicious food. So here’s a summary of my trip in visual form.

I absolutely loved the architecture in Melbourne. Living in Christchurch I had forgotten what heritage looks like…

Lauren and Jess’ friend was studying at Monash University and we conveniently were in Melbourne at the time of her final design exhibition. So we went along, drunk free wine, looked at cool design and architecture and met the cutest puppy in the world.

On Saturday morning we walked from our airbnb near Southern Cross Station across the river to have breakfast at Mad Duck Cafe in Docklands. They had loads of gluten free options, including pancakes and French toast.

Dora the Explorer featuring new backpack.

The Melbourne Star.

The Night Noodle Market was also on whilst we were in Melbourne and there were so many amazing dishes to choose from. I went for Peking Duck Fries from Bao Stop because it seemed like such a different and interesting dish. And holy moly it was delicious.

I had been adoring N2 Gelato on social media for a while so it was very exciting to finally try it. I had creme brulee which was incredible. The gelato itself was instantly frozen using dry ice and mine even featured a blow torched sugar top.

On Sunday we headed to Fitzroy, a very “hip” suburb which reminded me a lot of Newtown in Wellington, a mix of old shop facades and contemporary street art.

We had breakfast at Young Bloods Diner and had a look around the Rose Street Artist’s Market.

We then stumbled across the street parade as a part of the Johnston Street Fiesta. The Fiesta is an annual celebration of Hispanic Latin American culture and the groups had performers representing a number of Hispanic countries. I loved seeing so many people dancing and enjoying themselves in a celebration of culture.

Our plan was to have lunch at the famous Queen Victoria Market but found the selection a little disappointing. There was a great selection of produce but the ready to eat food was unappealing.

On Sunday afternoon we saw the matinee performance of Kinky Boots. And in case you missed it in my 2016 Favourites post, it was absolutely the best show I’ve ever seen. The cast, music, dancing, story and costumes were all phenomenal.

One of the main things I loved about Melbourne was the street art. We visited Hosier Lane which is famous for it’s graffiti art, but there were interesting murals all around the city.

Lauren and Jess then headed home but I had a few more days of exploring.

On a 32 degree day I decided it was way to hot to be doing anything outside so I visited the Melbourne Museum. They offer free entry for students which is fantastic, just remember your student ID. I enjoyed the photography along with the Aboriginal and Melbourne history exhibitions. There was also an interesting exhibition on biomedical breakthroughs which had interesting interactive aspects.

Pandas have been my favourite animal ever since I was born and when planning my trip to Melbourne I realised that a day trip to Adelaide was a little crazy, but probably doable, so I did it. I left Melbourne City at about 5am to get the airport in time for my early flight. I arrived in Adelaide around 9am giving me a whole day to spend at the zoo. I spend hours looking at the pandas Wang Wang and Fu Ni (the only pandas in the Southern Hemisphere) and it was more amazing than I ever could have hoped. There were definitely tears.

Whilst the pandas were napping I did look around the rest of the zoo. Which to be honest was a little underwhelming. But I guess nothing was going to live up to seeing pandas in my eyes.

My flight back to Melbourne ended up spending an extra hour in the air due to landing delays so it was a long day before I got back into the city around 10:30pm. But worth every minute for the experience I had.

My last couple of days in Melbourne were pretty lowkey. I’d had an exhausting week and so was more than happy just to chill out and do some last minute shopping.

I really enjoyed my trip so I hope you enjoyed reading about it!