New Specs – Clearly Review

I’ve been thinking about getting new glasses for a while as I was getting a little bored of my pink frames as I’ve been wearing them a lot lately.

I’d been lusting over a pair on Clearly for a while but wasn’t sure if they would be right, as they were so different to anything I’d ever had before. Not being able to try them on was also a bit of a risk. I went into a couple of optical stores but nowhere had anything similar to try. That was part of what drew me to the frames, that they were so different to anything I’d seen. But I trusted the feature that lets you upload your own photo (after trying about five different photos) so on Monday I bit the bullet and did it. With a half price code they only ended up costing $75. What a bargain!

The service provided has gone above and beyond what I expected. I ordered them on Monday morning, they left Canada on Wednesday morning and (via Memphis, Honolulu, Sydney and Auckland) made it to me on Friday morning. The FedEx delivery man even rang me on my cell to check it was ok to leave them at the door as no one answered his knock. I honestly can’t believe that the order was received and processed in 48 hours and delivered halfway around the world in another 48 hours.

This post is not sponsored but I’m just over the moon with the service provided and would highly recommend Clearly to any fellow spectacle or contact lens wearers. But if you were feeling kind you could use my referral link here and help a sista out.


The style is Derek Cardigan 7040 in Dark Tortoise. I absolutely love them, the colour is perfect as black frames are too harsh on my skin tone (in the light you can see the lighter brown flecks of the tortoiseshell). I was a bit hesitant about the wooden arms but I think it makes them unique. I also love the Derek Cardigan multiplication and division signs that feature on all his frames.

They also came in a nice sturdy case along with a lens cloth and mini screwdriver keyring.

I’d love to hear your feedback on a slightly different style of post for me, leave a comment below!

Love always,

  • Pierre

    Hi Lauren. Your new specs look great. Did you have any trouble getting your eyes tested and just getting a prescription? Who did you use? Cheers

    • Loz

      Thank you 🙂 I had my eyes tested at an optometrist and ask for a travel card of my prescription so I could use it online or at other optical stores as my optometrist has a limited range of frames.

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  • These look so great on you! I got my glasses from Clearly too, they were so fast and so good!