Project 366: February

February has been an interesting month. The last three weeks of my summer break seemed to fly by and a lot of time was spent catching up with friends before they left for uni in different cities and countries. I also started a new job as an afterschool nanny and my third year at uni has now begun.


Creatively, Project 366 has been more challenging this month as there was days I didn’t do a lot and some of the more obvious photo ideas I’ve already used. Blogging wise I’ve only put up one post this month. I’d love to put more time and effort into blogging but unfortunately it doesn’t fall at the top of my priorities. My two main goals for the year are to improve my overall wellbeing (physical and mental health) and finish my degree.


I had an awesome time away on my first camp with Canteen, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous and I totally impressed myself my facing my fears and giving it all a go.


And a few highlights:

03/02 It’s Wednesday and I’m still thinking about how fab the weekend was #project366

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12/02 Galentines Brunch ? #project366

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14/02 I have a very talented pal and very happy mother. Also remember the time we had chimneys?! #project366

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22/02 Back to uni today, 5 years on from the Christchurch quake, a lot to think about ❤️ #project366 #ucnow

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27/02 ???? #project366

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Overall I’m not too sure how I feel about February as a whole. But it’s nice to be back into a routine with uni, hopefully creativity returns soon!

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