Reflections on My First Solo Trip


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Over the last couple of weeks I have shared what I did and what I ate in Sydney but today I thought I would reflect on a different aspect of my trip. My ten day trip to Sydney was the first time I’ve ever traveled alone (and not had someone waiting for me at the other end).

When I was planning my trip so many people said to me “who are you going with?” and were all very surprised to hear that I was going alone. I wanted an opportunity to test my ability to travel alone and a short trip to somewhere not too far/different from home seemed perfect.

I’d never flown internationally alone before and I made the silly mistake of buying a hot chocolate right before going through security, only to have to throw it in the bin after two sips. I think that was due to 5am brain more than anything else.

After that my flight went smoothly, I had all my travel documents, passport, and money in a travel wallet which made it easy to keep track of. I was pretty dozy on the flight but I made it to Sydney in one piece. Navigating the airport was a bit challenging as it was busy and I was hot and tired, but I managed to buy an Opal Card and get myself on a train to Central Station, as my hostel was right near by.

It was the first time I’d ever stayed in a hostel but I’d definitely recommend it to anyone traveling alone. I met a handful of lovely girls from all around the world, most of whom had been in Sydney for a while and were able to give me lots of tips of things to do and where the best nightlife was. I was unsure how I’d feel sharing a room with 5 other people but it didn’t even matter as pretty much the only time I was in the room was when I was asleep! You do have to be a bit prepared in case you wake up before the others or get home late. I made the mistake on my first night of coming home at 7pm and turning the light on, not realising my roomie was already asleep because she was jet-lagged.

If anyone is ever going to Sydney and looking for a hostel I would definitely recommend the 790 on George hostel. It’s a great central location, just a few minutes from the central train station but also within walking distance of a lot of the main sight-seeing spots and shops. It was really affordable too, $27 a night for a bed in a single-sex dorm with five others. The facilities were clean, kitchen well stocked and staff helpful and friendly.

I was slightly concerned with security but the hostel was very secure, with a swipe card required to get anywhere (including bathrooms) and lockers provided in each rooms. Out and about in Sydney I kept my wits about me and never felt unsafe. In such a big city there was always people around, even late at night.

I’m such an extrovert and I feed off other people’s energy, so I was worried that travelling solo wouldn’t suit my personality. But between the girls in my room, shop and attraction staff and other people around the city, I never felt alone.

I loved the independence of traveling by myself. I never had to change my plans to please anyone else and got to do all the things I wanted to do. It also gave me a lot of time to think and reflect on myself and the other things going on in my life.

All and all the trip was a success and it’s just made the travel bug itch even harder. I’ve proven to myself that I am capable of traveling alone. My advice to all of you is to definitely take the opportunity to travel alone, you’ll learn a lot about yourself.

I’d love to hear what you think about traveling alone, let me know in the comments.



  • That’s so cool! I’ve never travelled alone. Okay that’s not quite true – I’ve flown alone a lot, but I’ve always been going somewhere where someone will be on the other end for the trip. Good on you!

    • Loz

      I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve flown between Christchurch and Wellington alone haha. It was so great coming back from Sydney though because I had the whole row to myself and could lie down!

  • Em

    Woo! Travelling solo is something I definitely think everyone should do at least once, it feels so good when it ends up being not as scary as you thought it could be, huh? I tried staying in hostels on my first solo trip and discovered that it is definitely not for me, you’re lucky you can as they are a good way to save money and meet people – there are some things that are still better to do with others!

    • Loz

      Definitely not as scary! I don’t think I could handle one of those mental 32 bed dorms but 6 was ok, half the time I was there the room wasn’t even full.

  • As I’m studying abroad within the next month something I’m really looking forward to about the experience is seeing Europe, even if it is by myself. Luckily I’ll know people in several European countries, but I do think that there will be times where I do things alone and I think it will be very liberating. I’m glad you had a good time!!!

    • Loz

      Enjoy it! I’m very jealous.

  • Awesome post! I’m in love with the concept of travelling solo, at least once. I went to Sydney earlier this year with my mum and spent a bit of time roaming around by myself, but admittedly I would have loved to have more alone time – purely to do whatever I wanted! It’s great fun, and exploring a new city alone makes you feel so intrepid, huh? There’s just so much to take in around Sydney, it’s so colourful, I think you picked a great city to explore solo!

    Had to laugh about your hot chocolate problem too – I did the same! I had a can of V and sculled all of it in front of the grumpy security officer, before binning it and going on my way.

    • Loz

      Intrepid is totally what it is, can’t wait to see what it would be like in somewhere a bit more different than home. Personally I think it’s silly to have a cafe right beside the security gate! Thanks for reading ?

  • Go you! I’ve only travelled once by myself and that was after a trip around Europe with my Dad and Grandma. We parted ways in Frankfurt I went to London and they went to Ireland and then home. My grand plan was to travel around England for a while, get a job at a pub and just see how it went. I’ll be honest, I got homesick fairly quickly, and then actually sick shortly after which made me even more homesick. I think what it boiled down to was me being too young and not really knowing what I wanted – looking back I definitely don’t regret returning home, but I wish I had stuck it out a little longer. I think that NZ is and will always be my home!
    ANYWAY enough about me haha… You are so brave to travel on your own – keep at it! It’s a big deal and I don’t think that people realise just how full on it can be. x

    • Loz

      Great to hear your experience Laura! I’m planning to spend a bit of time in the UK next year but I’ll be staying with friends that are practically family so I think it will make the whole process a bit easier 🙂

  • I travelled to Sydney by myself and absolutely loved it! Hostel life was such an awesome way to meet people. Solo travel is challenging but shows how much you can do alone. You trip is making me want to pack my bag and head on the next flight to Australia

    Emma Inks