The Photography Diaries: January

For my 21st birthday I got my first DSLR camera (a Canon EOS 750D, aka Canon Rebel T6i). I’ve been wanting to learn more about photography for a long time and now I am finally doing so. So on a monthly basis I’m going to be sharing some of my best shots that don’t make it into other blog posts.

As this is a learning process I’d love your feedback! Also if you have any recommendations of (preferably free) resources for improving my skills then please leave details in the comments.

For me 2017 started wonderfully. On New Year’s Day I drove to Takamatua on the Banks Peninsula (the bay before Akaroa). The weather was beautiful so of course I had to stop at the Hilltop Tavern for some photos.

Exploring with pals.

Nature is always a good subject.

Mid January was about soaking up the last of my hometown for a while and saying goodbye to all my lovely friends. Sophie, Gabby and I headed up to Victoria Park to get a panoramic view of the city.

I love taking photos of people and these two were very willing subjects.

Late January brought pretty big change in my life, I moved to Perth! I don’t think I’ve actually mentioned over here on the blog. But for more regular updates make sure you’re following my Instagram.

I did some exploring of King’s Park, it’s so cool to see nature so close to the city.

It’s also pretty cool to see birds that you certainly don’t see in New Zealand. Pretty convinced this wee guy gave me a smile.

I took most of these photos on manual which is exciting, definitely making progress!

Bath time.

Sunset over Embargo Bar on 26th January. We had gone to see the fireworks but they got cancelled after a tragic small plane crash that killed the two people on board. Note the mist machines because it was 37 degrees!

Elizabeth Quay was beautiful at sunset.

The setting sun projected a beautiful golden glow over the city.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the first installment of the new series! I’ll definitely be getting out and about in Perth with my camera as much as possible so stay tuned for more.