YouTubers I Love

I’m subscribed to a LOT of YouTube channels so I don’t always get the chance to watch every single video in my subscription box. But there are some creators whose videos I will watch regardless and I thought I would share them with you today.


I only discovered Hannah’s channel at the end of last year but she has quickly become one of my favourite. She is a history graduate who vlogs about a huge range of topics from travel to sex toys to political issues to her regular ‘Drunk Advice’ series where she drinks with a friend and gives terrible advice. She has retweeted me a couple of times and it was very exciting. She’s a great sex-positive and feminist role model and I think she’s hilarious.

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Discovering Vlogbrothers in 2012 is how I really got into the ‘YouTube Community’. I love the Hank and John’s eclectic mix of educational and political content along with totally random videos, and updates on the projects they’re working on (such as the movie adaptations of John’s books). Watching their videos has made me unashamedly proud of being a nerd and made me a part of a wonderful online community. They have recently started a new podcast which is awesome too.



Hazel Hayes is so underrated as a youtuber.  Her short films are clever and she is a brilliant actress. I also love her more informal content such as ‘Tipsy Talk’ and her monthly series ‘Time of the Month’. She has an awesome sense of humour and I love seeing the joy she has in fulfilling her dreams of making films.



Brit is a New Zealand youtuber! I just think she’s a really cool chick and love watching her videos. She has recently started weekly vlogging (yay more videos!) but her regular videos talk about all sorts of things including fashion, food and crafts. She also is a big fan of Kmart which is always a win in my world.



I’ve watched Carrie for a few years now and it’s so exciting to see her living her dreams of performing on the West End and publishing a book (with a second one in the works). Carrie is so genuine and gives wonderful advice. I feel I can relate to her videos about growing up as she is only a few years older than me. And her trips to Disney always make my heart melt.



Louise is just a bundle of happiness and joy on my computer screen. She preaches body positivity and I wish I had watched her channel in my early teens, I really could have done with such a brilliant role model. I love her casual vlogs on her ‘Sprinkle of Chatter’ channel and her daughter Darcy is just the cutest.



Whilst technically they have two separate channels, recently it’s been rare for one to do a video without the other! Dan and Phil are funny and massive nerds, never afraid of sharing their embarrassing moments with the internet. I also love the Sims videos they make on their gaming channel, I never thought I’d be so invested in the life of an imaginary person called Dil.

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Another recent find and very underrated YouTuber. I don’t think I’ve ever watched one of Dan’s videos without cracking up laughing. He has such a brilliant sense of humour`and his ‘Baking with Layton’ videos are great.


I’d love to hear who some of your favourite YouTubers are in the comments, especially those who have relatively small audiences.

  • I am so with you about Hazel Hayes. Like she is amazing at everything she does and gets like zero recognition for it. Have you seen Lexcanroar? She’s hilarious, or at least I think so haha.

    • Loz

      Totally! I am subscribed to Lex but don’t watch her all the time, there’s just too many videos to keep up with!!

      • I totally agree!