Wellington Winter Harbour Jump

This week was my last living in Wellington and my friends thought it would be fun for a mid-winter, end-of-exam jump into the harbour. I thought they were absolutely mad but happily tagged along to play photographer.

It was cold enough just standing in a coat! The temperature was about 12 degrees but the harbour was luckily quite still. The girls even attracted a bit of audience.


Sas jumps the gun a little.

Caity and Laura dance in mid-air.








Caity backflips off the pontoon.

I hope you’re all enjoying winter…perhaps with a few more clothes on.

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  • What brave women you are . Im not even the type who would jump off the harbour in the summer let alone winter LOL. It does however look like fun haha – how did you find the water and were their many people there doing the polar plunge ?

    • Loz

      I’m not one for jumping in either! It was just these three and they said it wasn’t too bad.

  • Ahhh! That looks crazy – I would NOT do that haha.

    • Loz

      Definitely why I volunteered to be the photographer!