Over the last couple of years I started to notice myself having stomach pains and some unfortunate rushed bathroom trips and general discomfort. I put it down to dairy and cut out most of the dairy in my life: switched regular milk for almond, stopped eating cheese and yoghurt and cream etc. Whilst I noticed some improvement I clearly hadn’t hit the nail on the head as I sometimes still experienced awful symptoms after eating.… View Post

In the past couple of months I have been to two weekend workshops as part of CanTeen. One of the biggest things I have taken away from these weekends is the importance of looking after yourself. Self care is not as scary as it can sound and today I wanted to share the little things I do to look after myself both mentally and physically. Baths When I’m feeling stressed, overrun or unwell my favourite… View Post

February has been an interesting month. The last three weeks of my summer break seemed to fly by and a lot of time was spent catching up with friends before they left for uni in different cities and countries. I also started a new job as an afterschool nanny and my third year at uni has now begun. Creatively, Project 366 has been more challenging this month as there was days I didn’t do a… View Post