I like to consider myself a bit of a brunch connoisseur. It is by far the best meal of the day and a great one to eat out. A solid brunch can keep you full until dinner time. Over the years I’ve been to many different cafes and restaurants in Christchurch for brunch and I thought why not share the best of them with you all. So over the next wee while I will be… View Post

Image Source: Picjumbo For most of this year I have been following a low fodmap diet, and you can read about why here. There are so many foods that aren’t allowed or only allowed in certain portion sizes it becomes very difficult to keep track of. Whilst with the right knowledge it’s not too hard to adapt most recipes to be low fodmap, sometimes it’s so much easier to find a recipe that is already… View Post

A few weeks ago I spent the weekend in Dunedin to visit my friend Micaela (check out her blog) for her birthday. The last time I went to Dunedin was over ten years ago with my family so it was like being in a totally new place. We had a great weekend visiting museums, shopping, and of course eating. Friday I flew in very early on Friday morning so naturally the first stop of the… View Post

Alternative title: Lauren takes pictures of buildings. Inspired by my American friend’s request for photos of the central city, a postcard competition, and beautiful weather, I set out with my camera on Friday afternoon. I found myself extremely drawn to the new modern architecture that has popped up during the Christchurch Earthquake Rebuild. I was incredibly observant of patterns, lines and textures, always easier to capture then people. I took a number of photos and… View Post

I’m no beauty blogger but I do really enjoy playing around with make up. I’d seen the brand Colourpop on instagram and had fallen completely in love with their beautiful products. So as a end of semester reward to myself I decided to place an order. The products are affordable, mostly US$5-8. As always shipping to New Zealand wasn’t cheap but ordering a number of products made it seem worthwhile. I also only buy cruelty… View Post