I’m no beauty blogger but I do really enjoy playing around with make up. I’d seen the brand Colourpop on instagram and had fallen completely in love with their beautiful products. So as a end of semester reward to myself I decided to place an order. The products are affordable, mostly US$5-8. As always shipping to New Zealand wasn’t cheap but ordering a number of products made it seem worthwhile. I also only buy cruelty… View Post

Three weeks down, one to go! I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy. In fact, I’ve been a little slack and had a few slip ups. The first week wasn’t too tricky, but after that I became a little complacent and found myself leaving the house unprepared. I also found myself having an unexpected two weeks: one of working full time, and the other with a cold. The week that I worked 45… View Post

Today I hosted the weekly #NZBloggers chat on twitter. We talked about podcasts and I received a whole lot of new podcast recommendations, I thought I would share my own! Dear Hank and John Dear Hank and John is a comedy podcast about death from Hank and John Green of the Vlogbrothers (and many other internet projects) where they give ‘dubious advice’ to listener’s questions and bring you the weekly news from AFC Wimbledon and… View Post