Alternative title: Lauren takes pictures of buildings. Inspired by my American friend’s request for photos of the central city, a postcard competition, and beautiful weather, I set out with my camera on Friday afternoon. I found myself extremely drawn to the new modern architecture that has popped up during the Christchurch Earthquake Rebuild. I was incredibly observant of patterns, lines and textures, always easier to capture then people. I took a number of photos and… View Post

I’m no beauty blogger but I do really enjoy playing around with make up. I’d seen the brand Colourpop on instagram and had fallen completely in love with their beautiful products. So as a end of semester reward to myself I decided to place an order. The products are affordable, mostly US$5-8. As always shipping to New Zealand wasn’t cheap but ordering a number of products made it seem worthwhile. I also only buy cruelty… View Post

Three weeks down, one to go! I’d be lying if I said it’s been easy. In fact, I’ve been a little slack and had a few slip ups. The first week wasn’t too tricky, but after that I became a little complacent and found myself leaving the house unprepared. I also found myself having an unexpected two weeks: one of working full time, and the other with a cold. The week that I worked 45… View Post